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Frozen Ropes Stars is about doing the right things winning on and off the softball field!

We are a softball organization dedicated to the training of girls who wish to become successful in the sport.

Our Mission is to train, develop, and grow our athletes at the highest level of competition. Creating winning programs and improving players skills is our expectation using our own personal facilities and experienced staff.

Frozen Ropes Indoor Facility.JPG
Frozen Ropes Outdoor Facility.JPG
At Frozen Ropes, we’ve integrated the latest research, the best instructional information, and our own skills and experience to offer the highest quality baseball and softball training in the Dallas area. With over 20 years in the business, we’ve really been able to take our game to the next level, and the Frozen Ropes instructional model has challenged and changed the teaching methods now being used in the United States and abroad.

We gather the best resources we can find and present them to our players with consistency and passion. Our goal every day is to instill in our players the same love of the game our coaches gave is when we were young.

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